Are you ready to package & promote your expertise?

Build your digital products and your audience at the same time with a solid visibility strategy!

It’s time to take your business to the next level with digital products.

Are you ready to move beyond 1 to 1 clients? Have you thought about how you can expand your reach with your services? Are you tired of trading dollars for hours? Have you considered offering online programs or courses, but get overwhelmed at the thought of it?

You need a partner to guide the process of your visibility strategy and a digital stylist to make sure you look good so you can build your digital product arsenal with confidence!

As your Digital Stylist & Visibility Strategist, I care that you build your digital products and your audience at the same time so you have people to tell about them!

My step by step process focuses on specific pieces of the strategy at a time:

 Opt-in Strategy

  Content Strategy

 Visibility Strategy

Here’s how it works!


Planning & Mapping

We begin with a strategy session to establish the foundation and timeline; the step by step process of the promotional plan .


Creating & Implementing

Together, we create and implement the steps of your promotional plan. Opt-in, content strategy, and visibility strategy.


Promoting & Follow up

Lastly, we hit the green light on everything so you can get out there and get know for your expertise!

Meet your Digital Stylist & Visibility Strategist

Hi, I’m Michelle, mom to 4 crazy wonderful kids, wife to my best friend, and lover of coffee and puppies.

I’m a unique combination of both a content strategist and digital designer, so I put my talents together to help you get the visibility you need to take your business online and to look good doing it!

Schedule a call today and let’s get you online!