Hi There I'm Michelle!


It all started with a mom blog many years ago...

Big Foot Tribe was my natural living, mom blog. This led to offering design services to my fellow bloggers, but it wasn't until I found online courses that I fell in love with the work I do. This opened up a world of connections and opportunity, like working with Samantha Johnston of Neapolitan Creative and meeting Dana Malstaff and Amy Porterfield at the 2018 Boss Mom Conference.

I spent the last decade gaining skills in the areas of website design, countless online platforms, branding, course creation, and online marketing. When it comes to tech, design, online platforms, and strategy, providing a unique set of skills that is super beneficial to those creating and selling courses!

It is my passion to fuel my fellow mom entrepreneurs to THRIVE in their impactful online business.

Working with passionate coaches and consultants to create, launch, and promote their brilliance. You are great at the transformation you provide your clients and know that a digital product can help you reach more people and free up your time.

Online courses are popping up everywhere and it sounds like a great asset to have for your business, but you know there are many pieces to creating and launching a course. I have helped hundreds of ladies take their business to the next level.

As a one stop shop for those making courses, I take you all the way from creating to selling. With a unique set of combined skills and knowledge of the online business industry, I provide a full service from tech to design to strategy to implementation to CREATE, LAUNCH, & SELL your online course.



Had my third son and worked in childcare. My best friend got free stuff for blogging about it...


I started my own blog called the Big Foot Tribe. It was about green living and parenting and such.


I continuously played with my blog in html and css. Self taught through and through.


We moved to South Carolina and for the first time in my life I did not work or have a job. I was a stay at home mom. I continued to play with my blog html and css because I wanted it to look better and I added photoshop to my playbook.


I gave birth to my daughter. It was a home water birth and it was an AH-mazing experience. I blogged on and off as I was now the mom of 4.


We moved back to Florida and my old childcare center asked me back to work with them. I gave up blogging but used my creativity and skills to assist with their social media and marketing.


We moved to Texas to live in my aunts house. Once again, I got to be a stay at home mom. I began providing design services to other bloggers. I also found Melissa Griffin who was a blogger selling online courses now. I was instantly intrigued. I attended every webinar I could to learn about all things courses, saws funnels, email marketing, social media marketing. I also started listening to podcasts in which I found Boss Moms.


I lost everything from my old blog. It was unfortunate but it led to me starting a brand new blog called the Mom Life Collective. I also began offering design and tech services and have met so many amazing people that I helped in their impactful business.


My daughter went to a half day preschool and for the first time ever as a mom, I actually had a little time at home with no children. I optimized this time to expand my skills, platform knowledge, and client base. I expanded into offering design services for course creators. 


I joined the Boss Mom Academy and learned so much more than I could expect. Learning from an industry expert was a turning point for my business. Since, I have helped dozens of ladies take their business to the next level. 


This year came in so fast and here we are... so excited about new offers and the upcoming launch of my template shop!!!