Hello gorgeous!

I am so glad you stopped by today. So you want to know more about me and I am happy to spill those beans…

My name is Michelle, but you already knew that. I work with brilliant online business mavens to have beautiful websites, solid branding, and an overall cohesive online presence. I call myslef a Digital Stylist!

I could live in WordPress and probably dream blog post ideas in my sleep. I have personally blogged since 2009 and love the community and all of the amazing people I have met along the way.

Somewhere along this journey I decided to use my talents and skills to assist others in their business which has allowed me to stay a stay-at-home mom and to serve my fellow online entrepreneurs.

Founder of the Mom Life Collective blog that is a resource hub for entrepreneur moms to not only read, but also to write for. The Mom Life Collective started as my own blog, but in the midst of offering services, I have opened it up to become a multi-author blog where my fellow bloggers are welcome to contribute.

Along with designing blogs and websites for my clients, I also work within many different programs and platforms to assist in all areas of online business. Whether it is setting up their email welcome sequence in Malierlite or Convertkit, designing elements for their blog and business, or creating full on workbooks for their course or program. I even created a few books for print and have worked with printing companies with formatting and design.

Let’s just say when it comes to design and online business, I love what I do!

I enjoy the journey of each project that I work on and enjoy my clients even more.

I am so happy to meet you and welcome you to follow me on Instagram… it’s like a forever expanding portfolio of my work and my place to share inspiration too. I’d love to see you there!

What is a digital stylist anyway?

Great question! You have an online style… a digital style! As a digital stylist, I make sure that all of your online elements look good and match your individual digital style aka your brand.