Case Study: Positively Productive Website Design

The goal of the Positively Productive Systems website design was to bring a fresh look to the site and to attract their ideal client more easily with an updated layout and copywriting that guides the guest to take action and click through or to schedule a call.


The Positively Productive Systems website began with wide margins and lots of boxes. The client wanted to update the look of her site and make sure that prospects knew what action to take on the different parts of the site. The goal was to optimize the layout and call to actions to move prospects through the site.   

Positively Productive Systems Site Mockup


We updated the copywriting to clarify the message to speak to the ideal client to identify pain points and how her services are needed. We strategically placed call to actions to move the guests through the site and to schedule a connection call.


The finished product speaks very clearly what the guest should do next on the site. The client feels confident in sharing her website that it encompasses all the information that she previously found herself repeating over and over. Now she can confidently send people to her website to schedule a call or find out more about her and her services.

PPS Site Design Mockup 1


You MUST work with Michelle! She is responsive and creative and quick. I feel relieved and elated and blessed to have her as my secret weapon in business.

As your business grows, so does your need for an update to your website. Let’s give it new life and you the confidence you deserve when sharing your website.