5 Places For Feminine Stock Photos

5 Places For Feminine Stock Photos

By michelleaugimeri | June 23, 2018

It is no secret that a BIG part of our brand and online presence is made up of photos. We love to convey visual branding through beautiful photos. Some are stock photos while some may be taken by yourself or from professional shoot. Either way this is a FUN part of online business! If you…

The Number One Social Media Platform You Need To Be On As A Blogger

By michelleaugimeri | October 27, 2017

What is the best social media platform to be on as a blogger?

The secret is to go where it easy for you to connect with people. The one that offers you a return on your time investment. and the one that you enjoy being on the most. Click through to watch the video!

How To Nurture Your New Email Subscribers

By michelleaugimeri | October 4, 2017

When your reader subscribes to your email list, it is epic… right!?! So we need to treat that as so. We need to nurture these new subscribers and stay relevant and be remembered. This is the only place where you can speak to your audience in its entirety. When you are on social media, only…

The Number One Content Tip For Bloggers

By michelleaugimeri | September 23, 2017

The number one content tip for bloggers. As bloggers, we know that content is king but you, my dear are the queen that runs the show! In this video, I share with you that you may want to strategically think about your content ahead of the game. Plan your seasonal, event specific, holiday specific content…