Content Mapping

Ready to get your content plan ready? Let’s do this!

Let’s map out your content game plan to build buzz, attract your ideal people, and make more sales!

With my content mapping system, we work from the top down to design an exact content strategy for your unique business.

You are DONE with throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks. That’s where a second set of creative eyes can strategize!!!

Let’s do this!

Who it’s for: someone promoting a new course/ program/ offer who needs guidance and ideas around thier promotion

What you get:

  • 30-min strategy call
  • Trello board of strategy and action items
  • A complete customized plan tailored to your business/ launch
  • Opt-in strategy (if needed)
  • Launch email suggestions, anchor content strategy, visibility content strategy
  • 2 weeks of support to answer questions
  • Design upgrades available (can be discussed for a few minutes at the end of the strategy call)

Why you need it:

  • Save time by doing things in order!
  • Get the strategy you need to proceed with confidence
  • Stay organized with a personalized Trello board 
  • Move forward with a clear strategy specific to your business (not just another blueprint)

3 Part Strategy

Opt-in Strategy

We establish the details of what you are promoting and work backwards! It all fans out from your course, program, or offer. We will map out your opt-in.

Anchor Content Strategy

We establish the base content (blog posts, podcast episodes, or videos). We map out your game plan to feed your funnel!

Visibility Strategy 

Finally, we tack down the social media strategy. We highlight your opt-in and base content as well as a visibility strategy to get you in front of other’s audiences. 

You walk away with a solid content plan to implement that is designed specific to your business and will lead to email list growth!

Book a call today to get your custom Content Map!