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Helping amazing lady bosses to CREATE, LAUNCH, and SELL digital courses.

You are great at your craft, creating transformation in the lives and businesses of your clients, but you know that there has to be a way to reach more people. Digital courses are revolutionizing the way we can help others achieve transformation and I am here to help with the entire process!

Creating & Selling Courses is easy as 1, 2, 3!

The process is simple!


Build An Epic Course

Let's Create!

We work diligently to create your course, design the elements, and tech connect to set up the foundation for your online course.


Create A Killer Funnel

Let's Create!

We map out your funnel and emails to set up a killer series that will engage your email subscribers and build the know, like, and trust with your tribe, quickly. 


Implement stellar marketing

Let's Create!

We work out a marketing plan that utilizes your favorite platforms that you already use as well a visibility plan that will get you in front of new eyes.


Valerie Friedlander

The Unlimited Mom

I LOVED working with Michelle Augimeri! I've had a idea for a new opt-in for months but felt overwhelmed articulating it visually. I finally drafted it up and sent it to Michelle who made it visually perfect. Seriously, I couldn't be happier with the end result. She GOT what I was trying to express from my notes and chicken scratches and made it make visual sense better than I could have imagined. 
If you need a idea brought to visual life, I highly recommend working with her!

Course Creation


From idea to done!

Let's create your EPIC course!

  • Course Map

    Timeline + Project Management

  • Design

    Elements for your course all branded and designed

  • Implementation

    We set up your course platform and put all the pieces together to make your epic course!

Course Creation Packages starting at $800

Funnel Mapping

Email marketing is the best automated way to build awareness and trust with your audience. The beauty of it is once you set it all up, you focus on feeding your funnel! Less work and time down the road. 


We nail down and create the the best lead magnet to attract the right people to your email list! 

Email Map

Next, we map out all of your emails, whether you have a few sequences set up or starting from scratch, we help get those emails created or tweaked to nurture them in the best way leading up to your course launch!


Lastly, we set up all the email sequences into your email platform and design the landing page so you can start sharing your new opt-in!

Funnel Packages starting at $600



Feed Your Funnel

Lastly, we map out a game plan to feed your funnel! Build the know, like, trust with your tribe as you grow your email list!

  • Content Marketing

    Blogging | You Tube | Podcast

  • Social Media Marketing

    We leverage platforms that you already use to build the know, like, trust with your tribe and grow you email list

  • Visibility Plan

    We work together to find opportunities for you to get in front of fresh eyes to grow your tribe!

Marketing Packages starting at $800

Digital Courses Are The Way Of The Future

You are truly talented and great at your craft, but trading hours for dollars can only take you so far...

Courses are the best way to scale your business to the next level. 

I have worked with dozens of ladies to take the framework that they do with almost every client to package it up into an online program that delivers results for their participants. Online courses are a way to free up your valuable time, moving beyond one-to-one client work, and to get out from behind that desk and live life! Create space in your life by creating a digital course that you create once and sell again and again.

So what are you waiting for?!? Book a free call today to find out how we can get your course out to the world!!!

The time to scale your business with digital courses is now!

Make a broader impact, reach more people

Scale your business to increase revenue

Automate sales and spend more time doing things you love!

Move beyond trading hours for dollars and make sales in your sleep