So you are using Divi as your WordPress theme! Great! But did you know that you should have a child theme.

What on earth is a “child theme?” I hear you asking. A child theme is a secondary theme that pulls in your Divi settings, but allows you to add custom CSS to which when you update the Divi theme, your settings will remain intact.

There are a lot of files and code that go into your website, so a child theme is a way to be able to customize the style and keeping it separate from the main structure of your site.

Child themes are in no way unique to Divi or Elegant Themes, rather it is a WordPress feature. So if you are making any customizations to your website like styling your sidebar titles or creating a book a call button in your menu, all of these are using CSS and are at risk for going bye-bye when you update your Divi theme.

The child theme is where those customizations will remain and when you update the parent theme of Divi, the code for those customizations will remain.

Let’s get to it! In this video, I show you how to create and install a child theme for Divi on your WordPress website. It is quick and easy!

Follow the directions in the video to qucikly and easily get set up with a child theme.

Don’t have the Divi theme yet? That’s ok, you can grab your here (affiliate link)

Steps to create your child theme:

1. Go to Elegant Marketplace to create your child theme –

2. Fill in your business name, select Divi, version number (can totally be 1.1), your name, your web address, and upload your thumbnail in 800px by 800px.

3. Go to your WordPress dashboard, hover over appearance, when the options pop out, select themes. Click add new, find your freshly made child theme zip file, and click install.

That’s it! It’s that simple! Make sure you activate it and always check out the front end to make sure that everything functions properly.

When you create your child theme with Elegant Marketplace, you have all the social media icons automatically activated, so make sure you go to your WordPress dashboard, Divi, theme options, and toggle the social media icons on or off according to your preference. 

Need some help?

I can totally take this task and other website design tasks off your hands.