Are you ready to finally strategize your opt-in, the right way?

Your opt-in is a very important entry point into your funnel, make sure you create the right one to attract and convert your ideal clients. Whether this is your first opt-in or you have created several that have not converted for you, your next opt-in will be epic!

Join the community and get this free guide to strategize your opt-in freebie!

Here’s what you get:


  • Strategy with the end game in mind
  • Guide + video walk through
  • Recommendations on how to validate your opt-in idea
  • Recommendations on types of freebies and when best to use them
  • Questions that will truly help you determine your opt-in with what you sell
In case you don’t me yet:

I’m Michelle, digital designer & content strategist, slightly crunchy mom to 4 crazy kids, wife to my best friend, and lover of coffee and puppies!

I love to work with heart centered entrepreneurs making an impact on the world. I love to know that I am fueling their mission by helping build their business with them!

Let’s get your opt-in ready so you can focus on serving your clients and building courses and programs that make an impact!

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