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What kind of project do you have? It doesn’t matter, you MUST work with Michelle! I kid, but I’m also serious because how many times do you find a combination of someone who is super capable, pleasant, and flexible all in one? I began with one project and then asked about another and Michelle was ready to switch and make it happen so that I could have the right foundation for the work we’re going to do. She is responsive and creative and quick. I feel relieved and elated and blessed to have her as my secret weapon in business.

Lisa Zawrotny, Positively Productive Systems

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Michelle is such a talented designer. The printing company could not believe that everything was so technically perfect.

Jenny Stemmerman

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Michelle cares about the work she does and particularly about her clients. I found her patience, dedication and willingness to give her time, above and beyond what would be expected, commendable.

Nicola Pearson

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Summer’s Fitness recipe book – for print

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