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It’s time to give your business some love!

You are growing your team, expanding your offers, narrowing your niche, or scaling your business with digital products, I’m here to help with this growth!

Course Design 

✔️PDF Workbook/ Worksheets

✔️Module Thumbnails

✔️Slide Deck/ Keynote

Funnel Design

✔️Opt-in PDF Design

✔️Opt-in Page Design

✔️Update Forms on Website

Marketing Design

✔️Social Media Graphics

✔️Social Media Banners

✔️Ad Graphics

Website Design

As you build your business, a website is a great way to establish yourself as the go-to professional in your niche. It makes sharing your business with prospects super easy. Let’s get your online homebase set up!


As you grow your business, you will want support to keep you moving forward! I help my clients save time in their business with ongoing support in blog management, promo graphics, and website maintenance. 

Digital Design

Whether you are scaling your business with digital products or are implementing your visibility strategy, I provide professional design services to make sure you look great in all the places! 

Meet your Digital Designer


Hi, I’m Michelle, mom to 4 crazy wonderful kids, wife to my best friend, lover of coffee and puppies.

I’m a unique combination of both a designer and strategist, so I combined my talents to work with passionate, heart-centered entrepreneurs to grow their business and scale with digital products and to make sure they look good in all the places!

Schedule a call today and let’s talk about how I can help you grow your business!

I have worked with Michelle for a while now and she has done so many different things as a designer that really helped move my business forward. I am a very creative person and I have a vision for my business, but I just do not have the talent or the time to figure out the visual design that my business needs for my online presence. Michelle has taken my ideas for my business and moved them forward with her beautiful designs. I feel like she takes the things I need for my business and make them look visually pleasing and better than if I were to do them on my own and increases the value of what my clients are receiving from me Jennifer McGurk

Owner, Eat With Knowledge, Pursuing Private Practice