Content Map Strategy Session

Let’s talk strategy for content creators!

Whether you are a blogger, podcaster, or video maker, I can give you the strategy to promote something new or just get more eyes on your content.

Why is having a content strategy important?

Great question! It is important to know who you want to attract, where you want them go, and most importantly why it is important. Having a plan means you can move forward with confidence. You hear that… move forward!

When you know what you are going to write this week, it all of sudden becomes much easier to write. When you know what your email will consist of, it becomes much easier to actually write that email and send. When you know what content you are sharing this week, it becomes much easier to actually sit down and schedule it all out.

I have seen it time and time again with my clients and close blogging friends, blogging burnout, content fatigue, and writers blog aka… paralysis are very real things that happen to us all. It’s ok to admit it and move forward!

I like to call it a content map!

….because it is not a straight and narrow path. It looks more like a treasure map when you used to play pirates, its a squiggly line that curves and bends all over the paper to go from point A to point B. Well that’s exactly what your content looks like too. I mean with all the things and all the places, how is one to keep up?

Having a plan to guide you when you feel stuck or uninspired will help you to stay on track and keep going. There are no more excuses for not writing, creating, or posting. Know what to create, so you actually create!

Whether you are confused with how to make your content connect or you are just not excited about creating anymore, allow me to get you revved up and ready to create.

Maybe you are facing a pivot and not sure how to move forward with content going in this new direction.

Maybe you are losing steam and momentum and becoming uninspired with your content.

Maybe you have something new and incredible to promote and you are not sure of the best way to that.

Whatever it is, I can help you focus and create amazing content that connects and is easy for you to write.

In the Content Map Strategy Session we will discuss:

  • Why
  • What
  • Content titles
  • Email subject lines
  • Social media posts and
  • How to connect it all

I like to talk about your ‘why’ I want to understand why you want people to know you and love you!

Let’s talk about what you are driving people towards. I like to understand your motivation for wanting to map out your content plan. This helps in clarifying the exact methods and style we use to create your content map.

Next, we will talk about some new ideas for content planning for your anchor content. This could be blog posts, podcasts, or videos. Where ever your anchor lives, we will have several titles for you to walk away with to go create.

Next, we will talk about how you can cleverly get email open rates with fun email subject lines. This is the first step to writing great emails. Once you have the subject lines, you can go and create those emails.

Lastly, we talk about your visibility plan on social media. We will nail down the best social media for you and your content and you will walk away with an entire plan of sharable content, (your own and other’s 80/20 rule) for the next 30 days.

Sound like a plan? What are you waiting for? Let’s create your content map!